The process of cochlear implantation is a very complex task. It is not only about gathering information but dealing with the difficulty of making a lifetime decision for a child. Parents who want to explore this technology and the post-operation process need information and support. Therefore a handbook which is an important resource both for professionals working with CI children, as well for parents who have decided that cochlear implant is right for their child is extremely useful. The handbook can answer many questions that parents have, and poses and answers some they may not have considered.

The information provided in the handbook consist of the most current research relevant to speech therapies, and mainly to Auditory-Verbal Therapy and associated themes, including the power of hearing and listening, and the functioning of the brain, the application and support of audiology, hearing aids, implantable hearing technologies, stages of development, how to encourage listening, talking and thinking strategies in coaching and guiding parents, and inclusion in school.

The handbook play a very important role in building a worldwide community of practitioners and parents who will bring the gifts of listening and spoken language to young children with hearing loss and their families everywhere.

Download the Handbook in English, Dutch, Portuguese or Romanian