Testimonials are especially important for the cochlear implant rehabilitation of other patients due to the unique and life-changing nature of the intervention.

Here’s why testimonials play a crucial role in this context: Inspiration and Hope; Real-Life Experiences; Reliability and Empathy; Encouraging Acceptance; Highlighting Benefits and Outcomes; Addressing Concerns and MythsBuilding Trust in the Process; Encouraging Post-Implant Commitment; Informing the Support System.

Overall, testimonials in cochlear implant rehabilitation offer a human perspective on the process, emphasizing the positive impact of the intervention on recipients’ lives. They provide emotional support, practical insights, and motivation, ultimately helping potential recipients make informed decisions and embrace the rehabilitation process with confidence.

Steven (Stin): expectations of life from a 18 year CI-user himself

Steven (Stin): expectations as a parent concerning early intervention and rehabilitation

Ria, speech and language therapist: importance of good follow-up and monitoring of the CI-child

Koen (2.5 years and bilateral CI’s) describes what he sees in a book

Koen (Kamiel): the importance of the cochlear implants fort he parents

Marlies, speech and language therapist: what young deaf children need in therapy?

Marlies, speech and language therapist: working together with (coaching) parents

A CHILD WITH CHARGE SYNDROME – 8m Chr Age; 1m Hearing Age #video

MLJ – 20m Chr age; 6 months pos-CI’s activation #video

IBS – 7Y 1m Chr age; 4Y 8m after CI activation; beginning of 2nd grade, mainstream school #video

Ilaria – 1 year auditory age and 2 years and 5 months chronological age #video